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What Are We Truly Yearning For?

We yearn for freedom.  I hear it all the time - I can’t wait to get to heaven.  I can’t wait for the New Earth.  I can’t wait for Ascension. 

These places where we believe everything will be love, peace and joy.

I think this concept of ascension has been misconceived

When I ask for a description of this place – heaven, New Earth, Ascension – I always hear a different version. 

And it is always based on the belief of of the person telling me.  It matches their thoughts of what is “good”, what is “right”, what is “ethical”, what is “moral.  Heaven, New Earth, Ascension will be everyone believing just like them.  And there will be freedom.

Can you imagine? 

What if Heaven, New Earth, Ascension is based on President Trump’s beliefs of what is good, right, ethical, moral? 

Or the Catholic Church’s beliefs?

Or Cousin George’s beliefs? 

I’ve got news for you.  That’s not freedom.

That’s a world of robots.  Everyone doing, believing and being identical.

We yearn for freedom.  A release from ALL limitations

This includes all beliefs.  This includes the belief that there is a right and a wrong. Good and evil. That anything is unethical or unmoral.

When we reach this point of NO limitations, we have peace, joy and love. 

Because I’m free to be my pure soul essence. 

And you are too. 

And so is Bob, Sue, Joe, Nancy, Bill, Jane, etc.

What you do - that won’t bother me, not even a smidgen.

What I do won’t affect you either.  I won’t judge you or try to change you and vice versa. 

If I feel anything at all about your life, it will be ecstatic that you are Being your true self. 

I will be completely at peace with Who You Are.  I will love you unconditionally, without judgement. 

With this truth, this freedom, comes the knowing that your reality is yours and I’m in charge of MY reality.

Maybe if we started living this way now, not forcing ideas, beliefs, morals, etc. on everyone else, but instead simply being the observer of someone else’s existence and creating our own reality, we would find the freedom we are looking for here. 

This would become Heaven, the New Earth, Ascension.

We would experience love, peace and joy in our EVERYDAY lives. And then we'd be completely free.


- Sarah

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