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I am no longer distributing Pete's Programs Kits. I was very happy to be of service to the Radionic Community while there was a need. Now, however, the community has grown larger and more people are willing and capable of providing these reagents. It has been a personal choice to stop providing Pete's Programs Kits and instead focus on my own services and products.

If you wish to buy Pete's Programs Kits, Sami Choudhry has taken up the mantle of distributing them for the Radionic Community. You can contact him for information here:

If you are looking to purchase reagent cards created by myself and Dr. Ron Barone, please reach out to me ( for a list of available bundles.  These cards are NOT available individually, only in bundles.


The Annual Radionics Symposium offers Advanced Radionics Classes - covering Humans, Livestock, Pets, Crops and Gardens.

With multiple speakers over 3 days, the emphasis is having practical, applicable information that you can take home and USE in your radionics practice or on your family, animals, and property.

The speakers come from varying walks of life with a plethora of experience in the use of radionics.  Prepared to be take some amazing notes, enjoy stories of success and struggle, and have more power and confidence in radionics with the knowledge you will gain.

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