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Radionic programs developed for radionic practitioners by creator Pete Radatti.


Nothing in this collection is offered with any warranty or claim of any kind.  As-is, Where-is.  These programs are in the public domain.  Nothing in this collection is medical in nature, even where it may appear to be so.  Everything in this collection is spiritual in nature as is Radionics. Essence Healing makes no claims or warranties about these programs.  You are entirely responsible for your use.

A Note from Pete

Please note that I refer to these as programs.  Other radionics operators may refer to them as reagents or stored rates.  I use the word program because it more clearly represents the complexity of what is there.  These are arranged in the order in which I released them to the public and are not numeric.

These programs are made available on an “as-is, where-is” basis with no claim or warranty of any type.  In addition, you are not paying for these programs.  They have been made available free and I entered them into the public domain.  You are paying for the significant amount of work and cost involved in sourcing appropriate containers (test tubes), quartz crystal sand, clearing the sand, filling the tubes, programming the sand, locking the sand, repeating this for all of the programs for hours on end and combining them into a library with appropriate packaging and documentation.  Therefore, you can't buy these programs, just the work involved in making copies is more than anyone can charge and that doesn't count the decades of work developing the programs. ~Pete

Plastic Cards


You know that I love to potentize jewelry, crystals and sand that when worn provides all kinds of passive radionics advantages.  Did you know that you can potentize carbon in addition to water and crystals?   That is why many radionics practitioners use small plastic cards to store rates.  Plastic is pure carbon arranged in long complex molecules.   Nothing special like magnetic stripes or chips are necessary, just the pure carbon of plastic.

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Includes all publicly released programs from 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. 45 Total Programs.

Programs included: ROSP Version 1.00, Unlock-1 GEM, Lock-1 GEM, Lock-1 WATER, St. Jude & Buddha Buddies Bracelet Version 4, Financial Fulfillment, Take Control of My Life, Bully Be Gone, Repay IOU, The Phoenix Version 2, Psychic Attack with Sacred Geometry, A123-C, Brain Fog, Lyme, Love & Lust, Saint Jude, Soul Integration Repair, Vampire Repellent​, Hell Burner #1, Enhance PSI Ability, Disable PSI Ability, Super Bracelet, EWell Transmittal Program #1, Increase Energy, Energy Reserves, Stamina (Version 1.0), Exorcism Vol 2, Cloaking Program 1.0, Lazarus Program 2.0, Herbal Turpentine from American Georgia Trees, Saint Jude and The Essence of Life Bracelet, 1-K Clear Kerosene, Fenbendazole (animal dewormer), Win Legal, New Kidney, Bladder & Stone Cleaner, Sacrum Coccyx Spiritual Support, UTRAN IF Statement, UTRAN LOOP Statement, IF Wormwood, Inside eWell Verison 2.0, Reverse Radiation Effects, Rescue, Coma Rescue, Covid-19 and Vax Side Effects, Parasitic Worms, Ex-Stop, Clear All Stray and Negative Energies, Protect Land, Home and Contents, Increase Oxygen Absorption.

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Continental US $10 shipping


$40 shipping

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Continental US $10 shipping


$40 shipping


Includes all 2021 publicly released programs.

9 Programs Included

  • Reverse Radiation Effects

  • Rescue

  • Coma Rescue

  • Covid-19 and Vax Side Effects

  • Parasitic Worms

  • Ex-Stop

  • Clear All Stray and Negative Energies

  • Protect Land, Home and Contents

  • Increase Oxygen Absorption

If you have already bought a Pete's Kit in the past, this is the one to buy!

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By Sarah Emond and Ron Barone

12 Cards Included

  • Candida And Yeast

  • Fungus and Parasitic Diseases

  • Fungus 1, 2 and 3

  • Gastrointestinal 1 and 2

  • Heart Disorders

  • Mold

  • Neurologic Disorders 1 and 2

  • Staph


Limited Quantities. Once sold they are gone for good.


Continental US $10 shipping


$40 shipping

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The Annual Radionics Symposium offers Advanced Radionics Classes - covering Humans, Livestock, Pets, Crops and Gardens.

With multiple speakers over 3 days, the emphasis is having practical, applicable information that you can take home and USE in your radionics practice or on your family, animals, and property.

The speakers come from varying walks of life with a plethora of experience in the use of radionics.  Prepared to be take some amazing notes, enjoy stories of success and struggle, and have more power and confidence in radionics with the knowledge you will gain.

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