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It's not You, It's Me.

This is more than a cheesy breakup line. 

This is the truth in most situations. 

Ever had someone start yelling at you after you asked an innocent question? 

Had people make assumptions about you because you didn’t “do” something the way they thought you should?

Had someone judge you based on your looks, gender, or clothing?

All these things are NOT about you. 

It’s about them. 

Some belief, some emotion, some thought within them was triggered. Now they get to decide how to handle this. 

They can continue to have this perception, or they can dig deep and clean up their $hit.

So, what’s your role in this?

You can either be an active player or an observer.

Think of this situation like a play.  You can either be a character in the play or you can be an audience member.

If you decide to be in the play, you allow yourself to get caught up and involved in the scenario.  When this happens, you tend to allow the other person to control you through your emotions.  You become triggered yourself and most of the time, you descend into the rabbit hole of the ego.

If you decide to be the audience member, then you don’t need to become caught up in the blame, shame, doubt, guilt, anger, frustrations or whatever the other person is dishing out.  You can sit back, observe and enjoy the show.  Being safe in the knowing that this isn’t your issue.

YOU get to decide.

- Sarah

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