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Sarah's Story

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Sarah Emond
I am A Consciousness Healer

Hi I am Sarah.  I have the innate ability to see energy. 


I see the links, patterns, causes, feel emotions.  I communicate with the energy and understand and grasp an idea of what needs to be done.


Then I repair, rearrange, and change the energy as needed to either heal the energy body or provide the energy body what it needs to heal itself.


Have I had this ability all of my life? 


The answer is yes. 


Although I didn’t recognize it, understand how to use it, or even realize not everyone could see it. 

I remember crying every day of my first grade when I stepped into the classroom because something wasn’t right in that space.  But I couldn’t tell anyone what was wrong…because I didn’t understand what I was seeing. 

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I remember being in church one day and sneaking peeks at the little old lady behind me knowing something was wrong with her.  And a few minutes after I get in trouble for staring, she collapsed and was rushed to the hospital.

I remember waking up terrified in the middle of the night and seeing a dog skull.  I quivered in bed until I eventually fell back asleep.  The next morning, we discovered our dog had been poisoned and died during the night. 

Of course, it’s not all bad stuff.  I also remember knowing the sex, date and time of when my cousin was to be born…winning the baby pool! 

I just thought these were experiences and abilities that everyone had.  I never talked much about it and since they didn’t occur all the time, I went about living a “normal” life.

In 2002-2003, I went through a transition in my life.  With that transition came frustration with all the rules and limits – especially in my spiritual life.  I began searching for something more.  Over the next 7 years or so I delved into everything I could for that “thing” that fit me.  I read and listened to Wayne Dyer, Deepok Chopra, Hank Wesselman, Neale Donald Walsh, Abraham Hicks, Marianne Williamson, and other spiritual teachers and philosophers. 

I also studied different modalities such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and became a certified Reflexologist, Master Dowser, Certified Psychotronic Practitioner, and Reiki Master.  I continued to dabble in other techniques along the way. 

But none of these modalities truly “fit”.  They all had their own procedures, limits and rules that just didn’t work for me.

Finally, around 2010, I was trading Reiki sessions with my friend and fellow Reiki student I was studying with. 


After I finished working on her, she asked, “What the hell did you just do?”

“Um…I did a Reiki session,” I replied.

“Uh-uh.  That was NOT a Reiki session.” She proceeded to describe to me what I did do – the information I shared, the emotions I picked up, the changes she experienced as I moved her energy around.  She helped me to realize this was more than Reiki.  It was a special gift.

I spent the next few years practicing and learning what my ability could do.  I was breaking through all those limits and rules that so frustrated me within other techniques.  My motto soon became: “There are no rules.

In 2013, my friend convinced me that it was time to take my skills and offer it to others.  I was resistant at first, but she and several other friends started sending clients to me.  And they were getting results.  Thus, Essence Healing was born. 

I began by simply doing energy sessions.  As my business, wisdom and confidence has grown, I realized that just healing wasn’t enough.

People needed teaching as well.  They needed help to put together all the masses of information available and dial it down to practical, actionable steps and processes to help them maintain their energy day by day. 

As another friend recently stated, “Heal.  And then teach them how to BE so they stay well.”

To this day, I have yet to reach the depths of my abilities.  I’m still learning, growing, experimenting, expanding, transforming and pushing my limits.  And – I get to help people grow and become the best version of Who They Are along the way.

Come along with me on this journey.


I promise you won’t be sorry.

    - Sarah

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