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F. A. Q.

What Is Energy Work?
Every Thing is Vibration


Every Client is born with physical and energy bodies that vibrate at their own unique frequencies. 


These energy bodies are constantly interacting with, reacting to, and storing the energies that are all around you.

Energy work focuses on bringing the spiritual and energy bodies back into balance. 


The goal when working on a person, is to bring your energy body into balance, maintain that balance, and then become more of Who You Know You Are. 


With your energy body in balance, your physical body will have an easier time doing its job:  healing itself.

Imagine you are having a bad day.  At the end of the day, your favorite song plays on the radio.  Science tells us those are just frequencies your mind is interpreting.  Suddenly, you feel better.

Energy work is similar to this good-feeling radio experience – but in a much more powerful, direct way.

How Does Sarah Work With Energy?
An Energy Link


Sarah’s Intuitive Healing gift allows her to see and feel energy through an energy link established with the Client at each session.  The Client can be a person, animal or property/space. 

Once established, Sarah will read the Client's energy and hone in on what is needed for the session intention.

Sessions can be everything from energy blockages removed through energy work, to messages from the Client’s spirit guides or angels, to visualizations and breathing techniques. 


Each session may vary from Client to Client and session to session.

It is Sarah's "job" to do the energy healing work.  But your growth is dependent on your willingness to work on yourself. 

After each session:

  • The session may continue working in your system up to 72 hours

  • There may be some emotional or physical effects from the energy movement

  • Help your body by drinking plenty of water

Why Work With Sarah?

There is no box.
What Sarah Emond provides can’t be put in a box or
labeled according to today’s language....


She is an Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Mentor. 
The sessions she provides are different. They are powerful.  They are unique.

Each session is what the Client needs – based on the information received from their energy system.  It’s more than spreading energy around.  It’s a mix of energy healing, mentoring sessions, accountability, and perhaps a spirit led message or two.


​Sarah sees energy lines, patterns, and auras.  She can work with energy to remove blockages, change structures, eliminate negative influences, and heal the energy.

Instead of looking without, Sarah's Sessions focus on looking within - finding the cause and the tool or technique that works for you.  Then, empowering you to continue day by day being the You that You Are.

At the end of the day, Sarah is dedicated to helping people realize the Divine within themselves – and discover all that they can become. 

How Does Sarah Work with Clients Can't See Her in Person?

No physical contact is needed for Sarah to establish an energy link with Clients.  As long as the Client has given permission, she can create the energy link from anywhere, with or without the Client present.  This allows Sarah to work with Clients from all over the country (and occasionally the world).  Sessions can be completed with the Client present, while talking on the phone or even remotely, if the situation warrants it.

Session Types


Meet Sarah in her office.  Session usually includes Client update, energy work and verbal consultation.

Available for Consciousness Sessions only.


Over the Phone:

Connect with Sarah over the phone at your scheduled time.  Session usually includes Client update, distance energy work and verbal consultation.  It is recommended to be in a quiet, comfortable place where you can relax and close your eyes. Most people prefer to lay down or recline for the session.

Available for Consciousness Sessions, Animal Sessions and Paranormal Space Clearing.


Sessions are completed on Client without any involvement. You submit an update and any questions before the scheduled session time via email or text. You do not need to do anything during the session time; feel free to go about your daily schedule.  Sarah will complete the session and send you a session synapses afterward, usually via text.  Please note that this type of session does not include time for follow up questions after the session is concluded.

Available for Consciousness Codes, Animal Sessions and Paranormal Space Clearing.

Which Session Type Should I Choose?

All session types are effective!  The choice is more about your level of comfort and convenience.

In-Person: Face to face interaction, verbal consultation, must be able to travel to Rapid City.

Over the Phone: Client can be anywhere in the world, client involvement in session, no commute, verbal consultation.

Remote session: No disruption to schedule or taking time off work; great for children’s sessions.

Remote Anchor
Phone Anchor
In Person Anchor
Can Sarah Help Me with My Specific Concern?

Sarah makes no guarantees, but 99% of the time, a new Client who has a Session notices changes within 0-72 hours after the session.

Still not sure?  Tell Sarah about your specific concerns and get her feedback on whether she thinks her services can help you. Fill out the form below and she'll get back to you as soon as she is available.

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