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Consciousness Session Testimonials

Sarah is a wonderful, sensitive intuitive our family enjoyed working with for an extended season. She genuinely cares and is so insightful. We appreciate and think so highly of you, Sarah.


- Janae H., Clinton, IA

I finally decided to schedule an appointment with Sarah after seeing her information circulating for a while. I had hit a wall in several areas of my life and was dealing with some depression and pretty serious self loathing and fear that I just couldn’t seem to uproot myself. My first session with her was really quite incredible. With few words spoken, she was able to see and untangle some of the source of my struggle which had been tied to many lifetimes. I could feel the energy moving in my body too, and had some pretty interesting dream-like visualizations. I’ve had three sessions and feel much lighter, freer and more access to peace and joy. Things aren’t perfect, but I can taste and see the beauty again, and I feel like I have more access to my self and love. I am a very private person, but feel safe and comfortable with Sarah. I will continue my own spiritual practices, and include more untangling, clearing, and maintenance sessions with Sarah.


- J. A., Rapid City, SD

Consciousness Session Testimonies
Classes and Events Testimonials

I felt like I had plateaued and was making no progress in the spiritual part of my life, I had hit a roadblock, but then came these classes with Sarah. Starting back with the fundamentals  made me realize how much I have forgotten or never learned in the first place. I highly recommend these classes to anyone who feels like they have hit a block or just has a thirst for knowledge. Sarah is an amazing teacher and trustworthy. Too many times people fall into following some fake spiritual teacher who just does a lot of hand waving and using big words to feed their ego. Sarah is real, concise, knowledgeable, gifted, and is here to teach. The classes should be sponsored by Nike, because you should “Just Do It”.


- Keegan B., Phillip, SD

Classes and Events Testimonis
Animal Session Testimonials

-Hiccup, Rapid City, SD

Animal Session Testimonies
Paranormal Space Clearing Testimonials

My family and I had been struggling with a few issues that were very perplexing, including recurring dreams and strange activity in the house.  I was also feeling very crummy physically, with gut aches and such.  After a few conversations with Sarah and working with her, me and my family are at peace.  Sarah truly cares; she can connect with Source and get the guidance and healing that we all need.  I trust her and am grateful to her! 


- Cat T., Rapid City, SD

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