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Seeing the Beauty

When I look at my couch, I don’t see smooshed cushions. 

I see the beauty that came from my kids using them to build a fort.

When I look at my body, I don’t see stretch marks.

I see the beauty of carrying and giving birth to 4 souls.

When I see a tree with broken branches, I don’t see it as defective and ruined. 

I see the beauty of nature enduring and standing strong.

When I see a dirty bathroom, I see…dirty bathroom. 

I still struggle to find the beauty in it but I’ll get there :).


The point is, is that beauty is in how you perceive things. 

You can see things as old, ugly, damaged, and filthy. 

Or you can look beyond those outer layers and see the beauty within.  The laughter and fun, the strength and determination, the history and the stories of life that these entities carry.

You can see beauty in everything, if you choose to.

How do you see beauty?

Share with me!

- Sarah

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