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Perception is a Funny Thing

The other day, Tristan showed me a funny video he saw on Facebook. 

With back to school shopping happening, it fit right in. 

It was a mom and her take on buying those extra school supplies teachers often ask for the classroom. 

I loved her perception of it.  ““They’re going to be with your kids EVERY day. Teaching your kids. You know what? I be like, ‘Oh you want a microwave? I am gonna get you a microwave.’”

I know that my perception of back to school shopping hasn’t always been positive.  It’s not a task I enjoy, and I have an especially bad take on it when I get everything on the list and then the kids come home from the first day of school and say, “I don’t need this but I do need this.” 

Besides this video making me laugh, it pointed out a place in my life that I need to change my perspective on.

Often times our default perceptions is to see the negative.  And that’s because that reaction has been imprinted in our DNA from our ancestors.  

Beware of danger.  Protect yourself.  There’s not enough for everyone. You must survive. 

It’s crazy right?  To think that the way we look at buying school supplies all goes back to our hunter gatherer days? 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

You can retrain yourself to be aware of how you are viewing the world around you and....

Re-Frame the Story.

Tell a different story.  One that strengthens you.  One that is positive.  One that is enlightened.  Because we all know that there are at least 3 sides to every story (your side, my side and the truth :P ). 

Just like the woman in the video did.  She didn't look at the "there's not enough" side of the story.

Instead, she saw all that teachers do for her kids and what she could do to make it easier on them.

Need help re-framing YOUR story?  Schedule a session and I’ll show you how.

Send me a quick text to 605-381-3383 or simply reply to this email.

Have an awesome week!

- Sarah

You can watch the video mentioned in this article here:

Please note that this video does have some language in it and is meant to be humorous.  Essence Healing does not necessarily agree with or share the views of the comments and opinions expressed in the video.

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