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Is Reality Our Truth?

Today’s reality is the past.

Stop and let that sink in for a minute. 

Are you having a hard time understanding that statement?  Bear with me and let me explain.  The reality that we experience everyday is what was created – either by us or by someone else – in that past.  So the experiences that we are living through at this moment are a creation of our past.

There is a cycle to creation.  First the thought is created and then it forms into an energy ball of creation.  This ball of energy is shot into the universe to be manifested and then becomes reality. Think of it like shooting an arrow. You pick up the bow, adjust your aim, take into consideration the surrounding

conditions and when you feel you are ready, you let the arrow fly.  Now the arrow may hit the bullseye or it might hit the dirt – all depending on how accurate you are in your adjustments.  That’s very similar to how the cycle of creation works.  It isn’t just the thought that is shot out into the universe to be manifested, it is all of the surrounding pieces. A thought occurs and builds into an arrow.  The thought is just the tip of the arrow.  Our feelings, resistance, beliefs, can’s and can’ts, etc are added to the thought, becoming the shaft and tail feathers. 

If they don’t all align together, the arrow is not balanced, which changes the trajectory of the flight of the arrow and it won’t land in the bulls eye. If all of the pieces are in alignment, Bingo! Bull’s Eye!  When the arrow hits, it is a reflection of the creation of past events – those actions and adjustments you took when you shot that arrow. It is the reality of the past happening in the now.

So why is this important?

Awareness. Are you creating your reality or are you living someone else’s creation? To me, this is a big revelation. If we’re not consciously deciding and sending energy balls of creation out into the universe to be manifested, then someone(s) else is and we end up living someone else’s manifestation.  We’re here to create and to live our life paths, not someone else’s. 

Understanding the cycle of creation helps us to realize that what we are experiencing today is an old truth. How many times do you stop yourself from dreaming or desiring something based on what is happening today?  “That isn’t reality,” “That’s not possible,” “Be realistic.” We hear that a lot. But if what you see today is actually the past, then it isn’t “reality” in the way we define reality to be – it isn’t the truth of today.  The truth of today is what you believe is possible, not the actual physical things that you see, do and experience. So you can create today from your present truth without consulting the reality that surrounds you.

If what you are experiencing is not the thought that you intended to create than your underlying feelings, beliefs and thoughts are not in alignment with what your desire.  This is an amazing opportunity to look within and become clear with all of you.  To examine who you are, what you think and believe and how you act so you can become the amazing powerful creator we are all meant to be.

And lastly, enjoy the moment.  Whether it’s a moment of beauty, of chaos, of quiet, of ……  You created it or allowed someone to create it for you.  Find the enjoyment in the experience of this past truth and anticipate the next experience!

Love to all of you!

- Sarah Emond

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