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Fun. Have Some.

I’ve been struggling to write this month’s article.  I knew the topic was supposed to be “Fun.”

But since Thanksgiving, I feel like someone took my life, put it in a bag, shook it up, and spilled it all over everywhere.  I’ve been busy trying to put everything back in its place.

Add to that Holiday stress and expectations…..”FUN” has not been the word of the day.

But that’s when it hit me.

What I am experiencing is what I am supposed to make fun.

Life isn’t about putting everything in its place, controlling my surroundings and walking down the path of my perfect life. It’s about experiencing new things and making the most of them.

This Holiday Season – did you feel the weight of family, finances, expectations, and making sure everything was just right?  Making sure the kids or relatives got what they wanted… Running to the store 20 times to get all the baking and party supplies…

It's not meant to be about meeting expectations or finding the perfect gift.

It’s about spending time with loved ones, sharing time and laughing together.

We enjoyed this year by buying each kid a T-shirt with a pun or saying on it that echoed who they were.  We had a white elephant gift exchange with the family.  We played games.  We found old comedy TV series and watched it again.  We laughed.  We had fun.

Find the fun in all you do.  In every experience.  (Yes - even as we head into the cold of winter…  😊)

Laugh. Every. Day.

Laughter raises your vibration to new heights.

See your life as the adventure it is and stop trying to control every aspect.

Instead of trying to play the old game, play the new ones.

It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.

Have fun.  Have fun.  Have fun.

Happy 2018 everybody!

Love to all,

- Sarah

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