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Do You Have A Tribe?

Do you have a tribe?

You know, those people that support you – they celebrate your triumphs with you, lift you up and aid you in your struggles, stand by your side when you need someone to walk with you and challenge you to recognize your truth.

Your tribe is unique to you

It can made up of family, friends, teachers, mentors, and others.  These people don’t have to know one another or all be part of the same group.    If that means that not all of your tribe knows or interacts with each other, that’s ok!  You may have a couple friends in one circle, a mentoring group on another and associates in a third.  

It’s what works for you - just have people that support, encourage and love you.

As I’ve grown over the last five years, my tribe has changed.  Change is ok, too! 

If you find yourself constantly at odds with the people in your tribe or you feel defeated or held down, then it’s time to ask the universe for a new support system.  You are not in alignment with your tribe.  The vibrations have changed.  This could be due to your growth, someone else’s growth or simple changes in life circumstances – someone got married, divorced, had kids – and it changes the dynamics of the support being given and received.

Change your tribe if you need to

It is extremely important to have a support system as we move through the shifting energy and into the new consciousness energy.

I honestly don’t know how I would have made it through the last few months without my tribe.

Not sure where to start?  Have the courage to say "no" to those sucking your energy and ask the universe to provide you new tribe members.  It always delivers.

- Sarah

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