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What's Your Excuse?

I hear people say it all the time.

I hate my job but I don’t know what else I can do.I don’t have the time to have fun.This is just the way it is and I have to live with it.And lots more.

 All those but’s, should’s, because’s, have to’s. 

They are all excuses.

Excuses to not change.  To not own your life

They are all clues that you aren’t being true to your authentic self.

Be aware when you use these words.  And find out what your truth is about it. 

Do you really not have time to have fun? Or are your making decisions that are not allowing for fun in your life?  What are doing with your time? What’s important to you? What’s your truth about time and fun? Are you trying to meet someone’s else’s expectations?  Are you trying to fit into society’s idea of normal?

Find out what is your truth and what fits you. 

Then commit to that change and make decisions that bring you into sync with that commitment.

OWN your decisions!

If you commit to losing 5 pounds but decide to eat an entire chocolate cake one night – own that decision.  You decided to do eat that cake.  No if’s, and’s or but’s about it. 

OWN that.  Yes, I veered off course.  The decision I made did not align with my commitment to myself to lose weight.

Stop making excuses.  Stop blaming circumstances such as I was tired or I had a bad day.

Own your decisions. 

I decided to eat the cake. 

If you find yourself constantly making decisions that are opposite of your commitment, then it’s time to re-evaluate your commitment. 

Does this commitment still align with my true self?

Live your truth and be happy in your life! (If that is your truth 😉)

- Sarah

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