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What Role Do you Play in Your Life for You?

You say my name is Sarah.

You say I’m a mom, dad, sister, brother, etc.

You say I’m a banker, accountant, teacher, student, etc.

You say I’m a swimmer, football fan, artist, etc.

What are these descriptions?

Aren’t they just labels or roles that we use to identify the things we DO in our life? They are very defined roles or labels that allow us to easily communicate (supposedly) with others about what we DO in our life. In and of themselves, these can be a good thing. It can make communication with others quick and easy.

But they can also become a box that we exist in.

Instead of being a description of something we do, these labels or roles become the way we identify ourselves. I’m a teacher. That’s who I am. All I am. This is my box and it is a very defined and routine life.

Are they really who you are? If you change your job, does that change who you are? Stop and think about that.

If right now, you quit your job and didn’t start a new one – does that change who you are? Does it change your thoughts? Emotions? Your soul? Do you cease to be because you no longer have this role in your life?

You aren’t these roles or labels. You aren’t a daughter, sister, mom, teacher, etc. Because you EXIST even when these roles no longer exist or pertain to you.

This brings up 3 questions for me.

1. Who am I if my identity is not a role or label?

Only you get to answer this question. You get to explore who you are without the roles. One of my favorite techniques to use to help others and myself discover the answer is to imagine that I am in a white room. That there is nothing in the room. That my body doesn’t exist in this room. That I have no physical needs. What is left? What do I experience as I am in this space?

2. Why do we take on these roles and labels?

We take on these roles so we can experience different aspects of ourselves in this physical reality that we live in. We use them to help us expand ourselves, open our perspectives, explore different emotions, connections, thoughts, places and people. It allows us to experience the different side of the story. To be the daughter and then the mom. The underling and the manager.

3. What role do you play in your life for you?

These roles that we take on can have a lot of expectations and a lot of doing for others. They are about others more than they are about you. And maybe that’s ok. But if you are going to take on a role, shouldn’t it be for you? So again, what role do you have for You?

Need some help figuring our your own role for you? I'm here to help you cut through the chatter and listen to your heart. Schedule an essence healing session with me here:

I look forward to hearing from you!

- Sarah

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