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What is Limiting You?

You feel trapped.

You feel stuck.

You don’t have choices.

You are repeating the same patterns and experiences in your life.

You lack opportunities.

The world is hard.

Is this you? If so, you have limitations in your life.

Limitations are anything that takes your power away from you.  They make you feel powerless.  They cause you to give your decision over to someone or something else.

Limits can be from derived from our self-worth, our beliefs, our traditions, our expectations, fear, and even from our excuses.

If you want to experience freedom instead of limitations, then you need to TakeBackYourPower!

It’s a simple process:

  1. Be aware of where you feel limited.

  2. Identify what is limiting you.  Who or what has the power and is making the decision?

  3. Ascertain if this is your truth.

  4. Make your decision!

Let’s look at an example:

  1. I can’t get a promotion because I don’t have “x” degree.

  2. The degree has the power.

  3. Is it your truth that you can’t get the degree or is it your truth that you can?

    1. If it’s your truth that you can, then why aren’t you? *

    2. If you can’t, why can’t you? *

*Be honest. No excuses.Answers like time, money, family, etc. are excuses which are just more limitations; more things you are giving your power to.

  1. Make your decision and own it! 

  • I’m choosing to continue not to pursue the degree

  • I’m choosing not to get the promotion.


  • I'm deciding to pursue the degree

  • I’m deciding to BE qualified for the promotion.

It doesn’t matter which of these decisions you make, you are no longer limited, allowing something or someone else to make decisions for you. 

You are deciding for yourself and taking responsibility for your decisions.

When you FREE yourself from limitations, you take back your power and live from the FREEDOM of the soul!

Join me on a Meditative Hiking Series next week - where we will bask in the vibrations of the Black Hills to help us work through our limitations!

Be Free!!

- Sarah

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