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Ways to Make a Decision - Spirit Talks with Sarah

Because you will find that the more you make decisions from your energy, the more you are in design with yourself, right? Because you're using your own way your energy is designed to make decisions instead of fighting against it. When you're working with it, that your life suddenly flows and it's easy to make decisions.

Hi everyone - it's Sarah Emond with Essence Healing.

In this week's Spirit Talk, I want to look at the three different ways that the majority of the population makes decisions when they're making decisions from their energy and not from their logic.

And the reason I want to look at that real quick before we jump into those three ways is because if you make your decision from your energy versus from your logic, you are following your energy design and you will find that the decisions flow very easily for you. And that you find your path that brings you happiness endless.

So, let's look at the first way. The first way is your gut reaction.

This is the way that the majority of the population actually should be making their decisions. The way this technique works is that you wait for something to make a decision on. You're not trying to make a decision on something that you don't have the opportunity for. You're going to wait for that to come.

"What do I need to order for lunch today?" That's a decision, right?

"Do I need to make a career change?" That's a decision.

Not - "Oh am I going to make a change in five years?" That decision isn't there right now.

This technique is about what's in front of you right now that you need to make a decision on. It is literally listening to your gut's response. You're going to feel it in your sacral center.

You should feel like you're a huge YES or a huge NO. It should feel like either your whole body lights up or your sacral center lights up and goes "I'm so excited about that!" Right? Like you'll FEEL the yes. Your whole body will respond - for most people.

Or you'll feel this "" and you kind of push it away. And it just doesn't feel right. It feels like a no.

So, if this is the type of energy that you have and you might just have to play with it to see if that is which is one of these should ring a bell for you. "Oh, yeah that works really well for me. I should do that."

Start making every decision from that gut response. Start playing with it. Start understanding what's your yes and what's your no. Start really understanding how your body feels or how your energy reacts for a yes or for no.

Now the second way is called the emotional way.

That's what I call it the emotional way of making a decision. This is about understanding or going through the full emotional cycle of emotions before you make a decision.

You've got to make a decision about whatever it is - my job, for example.

Go through the full emotions. Feel the full emotions the whole circle or the whole cycle of emotions - good, bad, and indifferent.

Once you come back to the beginning or back to that place of neutrality or clarity, look and see: were the majority of those emotions good or the majority of those emotions bad?

If the majority of those emotions were good, then this is a good decision, a good pathway for you. If the majority of the emotions were bad, then this is not the decision or the pathway for you.

That's how you determine that. So, if you're one of those people who feel like "No I have to...I feel, I feel a lot. I feel the emotions a lot." Then you need to go through this cycle and you need to wait till we've gone through the whole cycle to make your decision. Now, that doesn't have to take forever either - side note there. But just make sure you've gone through the whole cycle of emotions.

The last one I want to talk about is those people that have just those instantaneous knowings.

You're asked a question, or you need to make a decision and you just instantaneously know "yes" or "no". And this is how literally how you make a decision.

That instantaneous response, that's your answer, okay.

But you will go through... your mind will kick in and say "Oh you didn't do this, and you didn't list the pros and cons, and you didn't do that. What about this? And I'm afraid of the unknown." That's just mind chatter getting in the way.

You already know the answer. You don't have to go through the emotional cycle. You don't have to feel in your body, you don't have to wait for that gut response. You just know. Like it's just instantaneously there. You just know what the right answer is for you.

Now that you understand the three main ways that you can make decisions through your energy, I encourage you to figure out which one is yours and start using it.

You will find that the more you make decisions from your energy, the more you are in design with yourself - because you're using your own way your energy is designed to make decisions. So instead of fighting against it, you're working with it. Your life suddenly flows and it's easy to make decisions. And you're reaching your bliss and you're reaching your happiness and you're living your ultimate joy. Because you're making those decisions that fit you.

If you need help with any of this - you need more explanation, you need help just figuring out what your own way of making a decision is, or anything else - I hope you reach out to me or schedule a session.

Have a great day and we'll see you next time!

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