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The Power of Weekly Meditation Night

You've heard of family game night.  You've heard of date night.  Have you ever considered a family meditation night?

We were looking for something we could do with our kids (ages 14 and 15) to not only engage with them - which is difficult with them reading books and watching videos in their rooms for hours on end.  We also wanted something to help them in their day to day lives.

So we decided to try having a nightly meditation night.

It's even on the calendar.  Thursday night at 7:30.

And you know what?  If we miss it, they are asking "Hey - when are we going to do that?"

It was surprising to see their reactions after the first night.  We thought they may simply roll their eyes at us after we had the guided meditation.  But when we asked them, "What did you see?  What did you notice?",  they both recanted their stories of where they went, what they saw, and the experiences.  Our son was playing with dragons!

Sarah starts the mediation each night by having us get comfortable, close our eyes, and breahe deeply as she counts down from 10.  With each breath she encourages letting go and relaxing.  From there, she takes us on a journey wherever she feels led.  Usually down a path - stopping to feel and smell and enjoy.  {Don't get too caught up in the process - just go as you feel led}  After 15 to 20 minutes, she brings us back from our journey and back into our awareness...counting back up from 10.

Now you are probably saying:  that sounds awesome!  But I'm not too sure about leading the meditation.

Never fear we have you covered!  We've recorded a sample of one of Sarah's meditations here to use.  We'll continue to record them and add so let us know what you think.

After a few times, maybe you'll feel confident enough to lead it yourself!

You can't get it wrong.  Have fun with it and you'll be amazed with the results!

- Tristan

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