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The March of Appreciation

It was a crazy month.  We discovered a LOT to be thankful for.

On the 2nd of March, my wife, my bride, the mother of our kids - had a partial hysterectomy.  A benign fibroid tumor was found on her uterus that was successfully removed.  (don't worry - all is well!  She's

doing fine as I write this)

Her instructions:  no lifting anything over 10 pounds, no exercising, no vacuuming, and don't sleep on your stomach (Sarah is a stomach sleeper...) for 6 weeks.  Translation:  Tristan - take care of everything!

I always knew Sarah does alot around the house.  We started our life together very traditional...I went off to work, she stayed home and took care of the kids (did some amazing home schooling), cleaned house, did laundry, made supper, etc.  (Although I could never get her to get up before me, make breakfast and pack a lunch for me...what was up with that?) I sure do miss those days when I would come home from work, and zonk for a few minutes on the couch until I heard her melodious voice: "supper's ready!" 

As the kids grew and Sarah started working outside of the home, I started helping with the stuff around the house as any good husband should.  But she has always had a better handle on things...

After the surgery:  I have a wife that can't even get out of the chair by herself.  I'm there to help her to the bathroom.  Make sure she gets up and walks around.  Get her applesauce and water in the middle of the night.  Make sure she is comfortable.  Medicine.  Doctor visits. Getting help when I had to work.

Plus keep the kids happy with supper.  Get the meat out for supper the next day.  Grocery shop by myself (there even wasn't too many "extra" things that found their way in the cart).  Keep the house at least picked up.  I never seemed to sit down for a couple weeks.

I know - you are all saying, ""  :)

It just made me appreciate her that much more.

I realized just how much I really love her.  That I would do anything for her.

And it also made me THANKFUL.

Thankful for our health.  We had been to the doctor for more visits and tests in the past 3 months than we have since our 14 year old Emily was born...

Thankful for our responsible kids - they were able to take care of themselves when I couldn't help.

Thankful for our friends and family that were there to support, love and encourage.

How important those little things are.

How wonderful it is to have each other to lean on, talk with, support...and rub each other's backs!

We have each other.  We have family.  We have friends.  We have love.

What happened to you recently that you can look back on and say "Yep.  I can be more thankful now.  I can appreciate life in a new way."

Be thankful for each moment.  They are all precious.

-  Tristan

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