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The Key is To Surrender

The Key is To Surrender

What?  Yes - I know.  We don't like the word surrender.

We like to be in control.  In CHARGE.  

But with all the craziness going on, we need to surrender to the energy changes.

The energy has changed and it is necessary for everyone and everything (even Mother Earth) to change with it.  These energy changes are causing us to release the fear, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, etc that are preventing us from being WHO WE ARE and reaching our full potential. 

Change is happening and we will continue to transform over the next few months so we can be the powerful, amazing beings that is lying dormant under our layers of this human experience. 

Most are resisting this change as change is an unknown and can make us feel scared and unsafe. This resistance is causing a lot of grief for people – depression, old memories, thoughts and beliefs to surface, lack of motivation, feeling funky and out of sorts.  Have you noticed?

So the obvious question is:  How do you move through this transformation process?

Surrender to the process. Don’t fight or resist. Accept and allow it to happen without resistance.

When those old memories, emotions, and weird feelings come into your awareness, acknowledge that you see, express gratitude for the experience and give yourself permission to release this energy from your being. 

It’s like floating down a river – you can either try to paddle upstream...going against the flow, struggling the whole way, and not reaching your destination. But wouldn't it be easier to flow with the current, guiding yourself around any protrusions and get where you want to go faster?

Surrendering does not mean you give up or sink into these feelings and memories. 

You are surrendering to the changes happening.

You are embracing the unknown.  Trust that the universe has your back.  Allow the universe to keep you safe and lead you down the best path that will guide you to your full potential.

So surrender to the changes, embrace the transformation and expect the unexpected!

- Sarah  :)

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