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The Ceiling Fan Effect

You are aligning with your truth. Discovering your authentic self. Making changes to improve your mindset and create a better you.

And yet, you still see pieces of the old happening in your life.

And so you wonder, did I actually change?

What’s happening that this old mindset, the old me is still showing up?

You are experiencing the Ceiling Fan Effect.

Think about a ceiling fan.

When you turn it off, does it immediately stop?

No, it doesn’t. It slowly stops spinning until it comes to a complete stop.

And that is exactly what your energy does.

The old pattern unwinds until it comes to a complete stop.

So you might experience pieces of that old pattern in your life. (If you’re are lucky, you don’t. 😉 )

That does NOT mean that changes didn’t happen.

It does NOT mean that you are stuck. It simply means the old pattern has not come to a complete stop yet.

Allow the pattern to unwind and try to remain as neutral as you can.

Why? Because you don’t want to turn the ceiling fan back on or start winding the old pattern up again.

You don’t want to give it any more time, attention or focus than you absolutely have to. This is where the concept of faith and trust come in.

Trust that you have changed. Because you have!

Have faith that the old will come to a complete stop if you simply let it. Because it will!

One of my favorite parts of energy healing is watching the manifestation of old patterns unwinding and new patterns coming into effect!

- Sarah

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