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Spirit Talks w Sarah - Self-belief Issues

In this video, Sarah shares a session story where a client's present self-belief patterns were being affected by past life situations. Watch to hear more!

Hello everyone! It's Sarah Emond with Essence Healing again.

Hey I just wanted to share another story about the session that I did.

I've been working with this particular client for a couple years now. We've worked on a lot of different issues that she's had and cleaned up a lot of things.

But she's always had an underlying issue of believing that she's not worthy, that she's not perfect, that she doesn't deserve anything.

So this time we were able to start delving into some of those self-belief issues and really looking into what was causing them.

Her energy took me into the story of her past lives into the pattern of her self-belief and I was just amazed at the past lives this poor woman has had.

In one, she was verbally abused all the time -told how horrible she was, how she wasn't deserving to many things, she should be punished for just even living. It was just horrible the stuff that happened in that past life.

In another past life, she was a slave. Anything and everything that she did was not perfect enough. It didn't matter if it was wonderful and beautiful. Her master always told her it was wrong and it wasn't perfect. He would beat her all the time for everything she did - didn't matter if good, bad, or indifferent. She got beaten every time she did any task.

And wow it just...all the different past lives she had - they were just horrible, unbelievable past lives that she had had.

And through all these past lives she developed this pattern, the self-belief pattern, that she was just not worthy, that nobody loved her, that there was nothing she could do that was right. She didn't deserve love, she didn't deserve to be happy, she didn't deserve healthiness, she didn't deserve anything, she was just a bad person.

And this was the pattern that I found throughout her past lives and it was it's just really so apparent.

She's been fighting at all these years but this was just so horrible. I couldn't believe it. No wonder it hadn't come up before...good God!

So anyways we really looked at this pattern and we started working on unraveling the pattern and started working on uncreating that within her system.

Really making her aware of where this was coming from and how she could just be aware of it, the things that she could do to change it within her own life besides that energetical stuff and some of the homework and things that she could help herself to release these emotions and all this pain related to this from these past lives.

So, we'll see how it goes - because this is a big thing and obviously not something that we're gonna take care of in one session. But we did start working on it.

I just wanted to share that with you that things that are affecting you in your current lifetime can be something that either was a pattern that was developed over a bunch of past lifetimes or something that was developed just in one past lifetime that you brought forward.

If you feel like you are struggling with something and you've not been able to figure out what is causing it, you might want to look into what the energetic cause of it is.

I'd be happy to help you with that if that's something you would like help with, so feel free to reach out!

Otherwise I hope you have a great day and I hope you enjoyed my session story today.

- Sarah

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