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Spirit Talks with Sarah - Labels and Roles

I challenge you to look at Who you Are, and not identify YOURSELF, the WHO YOU ARE, to those little roles and labels.

Hi, it's Sarah with Essence Healing. Today I want to talk a little bit about Labels and Roles.

Why do we put ourselves in a role or a label? And why do we define ourselves by that? Is that really Who you Are?

I hear it a lot: I'm a real estate agent. Is that really Who you Are?

When I ask somebody Who they Are, what I oftentimes get...almost always get the response of: I'm real estate agent. I'm a banker. I'm a counselor. I'm a mom. I'm a dad. Whatever those roles are.

And those aren't Who you Are. Those are roles. Those are labels.

They give you - give a person a idea when you tell somebody I'm a mom or dad: Okay great that gives me a box that you put yourself in. Great - you're a mom, you have kids. That's what that means to me.

It's a form of identification of something that you do. But it's not Who you Are.

The reason I'm talking about this, though, is because most people don't see the difference. They define themselves as, I'm a mom or I'm a dad or I'm a counselor.

When those roles change...when you no longer have the role of being that mom or that dad...when your child goes off and lives their own life and become their own mom and dad, you have almost this identity crisis. The people who lose their job, can no longer be a counselor. Something happens they can't become be the banker anymore.

When those roles change, because they see themselves as “This is Who I am. I am this role.” Instead of seeing the role simply as a definition of any job or something that you do, they see it as who they are. That's when you have an identity crisis because you don't see who you are.

You don't cease to exist if you're no longer a mom, if you're no longer a banker, if you're no longer a real estate agent, a business person, a student.

You still exist.

Those are simply roles and labels that we've given to be able to easily communicate with somebody else about the things that we do in our life.

But it's not who you are.

I challenge you to look at who you are and not identify yourself, the who you are, to those little roles and labels. Because that's all they are. It's a box that's been created so that we understand and can communicate easily with another person about the things that we have going on in our life or what we do.

But it's not who we are. (notice a theme here?)

I would like you to start seeing yourself as separate from those roles.

Instead of using them as identifiers of who you are. See it as something you do. Do you see the difference?

It's kind of a different perspective.

I'm gonna leave you with that today. If you have any questions or you're having issues seeing the difference or even identifying who you are without those roles or labels that you have in your life, I would encourage you to schedule a session so we can look into it and you can get some help with moving forward out of those aspects and into the power of who you are.

Thanks for watching and I hope you have a great day!

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- Sarah

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