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Spirit Talks with Sarah - Anxiety....

"That's what causes anxiety - our energetical patterns. Usually the memories, the thought forms, and the beliefs about yourself that cause you to have anxiety. To cause you not to stand in your own power..."

Hi, I'm Sarah Emond with Essence Healing and today I want to talk to you about anxiety.

Over the last few months, I've had a lot of clients come in with anxiety.

Either anxiety that they've had for a very long time or they've started developing more anxiety to the point where they either are taking medication to handle it or it's causing havoc within their life and causing them to change the way they're living their life and their lifestyle.

With anxiety, with these clients I've been using a different technique than I do in my normal sessions.

I've been using a technique that involves them doing some physical activity with me because we get their body activated - that energetic energetical part of their body also activates. With that piece of activating their physical piece, it gives us a deeper level to go into the cellular memory of their cells and clean that up on that level.

As we were working and doing these techniques, we were finding things from past life issues that came up. Or finding things from memories of this lifetime. We're finding beliefs, thought-forms, perception, mindset type of things to acknowledge and to address and to delve into a little bit deeper.

Most of these people that I saw did three to five sessions of this different technique and they were seeing amazing transformations in their life.

They were seeing even after the first session they were noticing that the things they HAD been doing to maintain their anxiety to live their life, they didn't have to do them anymore.

That their anxiety levels had lowered so much that they were livable.

By the time we got done with the session, anxiety was something that they would feel when they were supposed to feel - when something anxious actually happening, and not on that daily, everyday just there-all-the-time feeling.

They also had the tools and the abilities to address some of those belief systems and things that were coming up. We had cleaned up a bunch of them, but they also could tell when they were anxious and why they were anxious. And then start working on them on their own without needing help.

Anxiety seems to be a really big piece right now, energetically, because we are doing a lot of clearing. Anxiety comes a lot from things we feel like we're lacking. Whether it's on that personal level or a physical level. The lack of power that we have where they believe the love that we have for ourselves - that's where a lot of that anxiety is coming from.

So if you're experiencing anxiety, I would recommend that you give me a call and we'll get you set up for this series of sessions and try this technique for you and see how you respond.


Thanks for watching!

- Sarah

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