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Soul Food

We had such a GORGEOUS spring weekend that we decided to take the boat out for the first spin of the season. 

As we pulled out of the dock and roared onto the lake, I had such an amazing feeling of being home, of being reconnected and of just BEing that I could have cried.  

I could see the sun was glinting on the water like diamonds, the fish jumping, the pureness of the water. I could feel the wind blowing in my hair, the warmth of the sun on my skin.  I could hear the waves lapping against the shore, the boats roaring, the geese honking, the birds singing.  I could smell the water, sunscreen, sun and the scent of the pine trees.

I’ve always had an infinity for large bodies of water and have known that I need that connection on a regular basis...but, in that moment, I was aware of it even more. 

It wasn’t just the beauty that surrounded me, it was the feeling of being fully ME!  

The peace, serenity and joy that welled up within. The knowing that THIS is my spiritual place. 

The place where I get filled up, connected, find my oneness and unity with all that is. It’s my bliss. It’s what feeds my soul.

I’m thrilled for this deeper awareness and understanding of what makes my soul bubble over with joy and what completes me.

Do you know what feeds your soul?  I encourage you to discover what does if you don’t already know.  It is the most incredible experience to be one with yourself, being in your Bliss.

- Sarah Emond

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