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Spirit Talks w Sarah - Keep Your Light Shining

Sarah shares a story from a session about how she helped a client keep their light shining bright. She had to follow the energy path into past lives!

Hi, all it's Sarah with Essence Healing and I just wanted to share a little bit about the session that I did recently.

I was working with a young lady and I've been working with her for actually several years. And I've always noticed whenever I've worked with her, that she really has to work super hard to keep her soul light shining.

I've never been able to have access to that piece of her before - we've always had other things to work on. But this time I got permission to follow that trail - that energetic trail to find out what was happening.

To find out why her soul light was struggling to shine so bright or even to shine at all.

I started trailing her soul through her past lives. I noticed that there was this other soul always alongside her, that was dampening her soul. Every lifetime I went back, the damper and the dimmer her light got. Until I finally went all the way back to where this originated from which was several lifetimes ago. This soul has been in every lifetime with her, since then.

Back in this lifetime, they were student and teacher. My client being the student and the other soul being her teacher. Back then, her light was shining so bright. She was so magnificent. It such a powerful, magical being. What they were being taught was about magic.

Her teacher actually dimmed her light and snuffed out her light almost completely. I couldn't tell if her teacher did it for protection or simply out of meanness for whatever reason, I couldn't tell. But this connection was kept in place ever since then and she's been struggling through lifetime after lifetime after lifetime, working at the resistance of that dimness that was put it over the top of her.

She's been resisting and resisting and building up that resistance so that her soul light now shines.

So, I went back and I was able to disconnect those two souls and disconnect the dimness that was put over her from all the way back then. Then I brought that forward so that now she doesn't have to work at her soul shining so bright. It just magically shines again.

It was really beautiful to watch It happen.

If you have experienced something like this or you feel like there's something that's keeping you from shining bright, I would be happy to work with you to see if we can figure out what it is and help clean that up for you.

I hope you have a great day!

- Sarah

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