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Is LOVE a Commodity?

Love should not be conditioned.  But it often is. 

We trade it like a commodity.  "I’ll give you my love IF you do or don’t meet this condition, expectation, judgement."

When we love like this, we are holding back from our true soul love

This conditional love comes from FEAR that there is a lack of love.  This fear has created beliefs in us like:

“Love should only be given to those who are worthy” “If you are a ‘bad’ person or do a ‘bad’ thing, you don’t deserve love” “I don’t have enough love to give to everyone and everything so I have to choose” “Only those who are perfect get to have love” The list could go on and on...

True soul love is not about conditions, judgments or expectations.

Soul love is seeing everything as it is and loving it anyways.

It’s about loving everything from:          The President of the United States (that one got a few of you)          To the Telemarketer          To the wrecked car          To the purple sunsets          To your pets          To your best friend          To Y O U

Love is a soul gift.  We all have it.  In abundance. It exists deep inside of us.

Once you recognize that it exists, that there is plenty, that it is meant to be given freely, it is so easy to find that well of love within you. 

Tapping into your well of soul love that is always there, always full is part of your SOUL POWER.


Start by tapping into this soul love for yourself.  Feel this amazing freedom of being. 

You can make mistakes.  You can decide to experience something new. You can have an outcome you didn’t expect.  None of that matters. 

Because through it all, you are LOVED NO MATTER WHAT.   (And I bet you'll find the decisions you make then are based in love and not fear 😊).

Then give it freely to all that you encounter and see what a difference it makes. 

Not just in your perception, but in the actions and reactions of others.  When they are receiving love, their vibration changes and that changes the things they say and do!

Soul love = no fear.  Fear is giving up your soul power.

Embrace your soul love and give it freely to all that is.

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