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Dream Power

Do you day dream?

If not, when did you stop dreaming?

Do you logic your dreams? Limit them to your perception of reality and what you think is realistic?

When I was a kid, I remember dreaming about the possibilities of my future all the time.  In fact, I would get lost in my day dreams and spend hours there imagining what it would be like.  

I was President of the US. I was an astronaut discovering new places and setting up colonies.I lived on an island and played all day long and the animals brought me food and took care of me. I traveled the world. I went to Harvard on a full ride scholarship.  I met the man of my dreams, had kids and had a amazing and carefree life. I was a mom who made cookies for her kids to have when they got home from school. I went on exciting adventures. I did whatever I desired to do in that moment. 

And when I had these day dreams, I believed they could really happen to me.  There was nothing that I could imagine that wasn’t possible.  And I would be filled with joy and excitement and passion to expand my reality.

And then life happened...and I "grew up" like I was "supposed to". 

And as I grew up, people started telling me those things weren’t possible.  That is wasn’t realistic to try to get into Harvard, be the President, establish new colonies, own an island or travel the world.  That I needed to start to lower my expectations to what was realistic. 

My teachers wouldn’t steer me wrong, right?

So I listened to my teachers and elders and I made my dreams smaller to fit into their perception of what was right or acceptable.

But it wasn’t as fun anymore. And then I started to get into trouble for day dreaming. I should be paying attention or doing something productive not waste my time day dreaming.

Eventually, I stopped altogether.

Now, I don’t tell you all this to get your sympathy or make you think I had a horrible childhood.  I didn’t.  I had a great childhood and an amazing family who were only trying to help me fit into the mold that society accepted.

I tell you this because I recently someone asked me what my dreams were for the future and I couldn’t answer them.  It made me realize that I rarely dream anymore.  It reminded me of those amazing dreams I had as a kid.

And it got me asking myself why don’t I dream? My answer was I didn’t like the limitations on my dreams – of staying within what is considered ‘realistic’.

My next question to myself, was why do I limit my dreams? And that took me back to what I was told was the ‘right’ way to dream and my acceptance of that belief. 

I was "logic-ing" my dreams and stopping myself from dreaming the unbelievable.  

So I wonder how many of you are in the same boat as me?

Are you dreaming big, beyond belief dreams for yourself?

Are you imagining your self with wings flying through the sky? Or living in a majestic castle as the Prince or Princess of your fairy tale?

What are your dreams for YOU for your future?

Here is my challenge to you.  Everyday for the next 30 days, spend some time day dreaming.

Be in the un-limitless dream reality that you were in as a kid. Feel the joy, excitement and passion these dreams bring to you. And start dreaming big for You again.

- Sarah

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