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Do you Play the "What If" Game?

You know what I’m talking about. 

What if my car breaks down? 

What if I need a new washing machine?

What if the storm causes damage to my house? 

It spirals from there. 

What if? What if? What if?

Your mind is working so hard to protect you, that it has you in fear all the time

It is focused on all that could go wrong. 

And it causes you to be stressed – JUST BY THINKING!

Let that sink in.  Just by thinking, you have stress.


Has your car broken down?

Has your washing machine been having issues?

Has the storm caused damage?

Has the storm even happened? 


Your mind is MAKING STORIES UP! 

You don’t have all the facts.  You don’t have enough information to know what is going to happen. None of the “What If’s” are TRUE. 

You are stressed out over MAKE BELIEVE STORIES.

If you are going to play the what if game and make stories up, why not MAKE UP GOOD STORIES?

What if I win a new car in a sweepstakes?

What if I get a new washing machine for my birthday?

What if the storm doesn’t hit my area?

The likelihood of the positive ‘what if’s’ becoming reality is the same as the likelihood of the negative ones happening. 

But these positive MAKE-BELIEVE STORIES don’t stress you out.  They are lighter.  They are fun and inspiring.

Since you don’t know what is going to happen, why not MAKE UP GOOD STORIES!

:) - Sarah

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