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Spirit Talks with Sarah - Child Communication Session

Hi everyone! It's Sarah Emond with Essence Healing.

I just wanted to share a session with you that I had this week.

I was working on a child, actually. His parents were very concerned - he hasn't been doing so well in school this year. He's been coming home crying, especially over his math homework and they just wanted to know what was going on.

I started looking into his energy and when I first started working on the boy, his head energy was was so big. And it was so overwhelmed and hot and heavy, and it was unbelievable what it looked like.

I was able to help clear that all up so that it wasn't so big for him and he was able that like just handle even his own mental energy.

But then I started delving deeper into his communication energy.

It was really different in the way he was communicating. His communication energy wasn't like normal - like yours and mine usually are.

He wasn't communicating with his five senses. He was communicating on a different level - the way he was receiving and passing on information.

So, I started really looking at “Why is his energy like this? What caused this?”

And it took me into his past lives.

In his past lives, I found a past life where he was deaf, I found another one where he was mute, and I found another one where I'm not even sure what he was, but he couldn't communicate using his five senses like we normally do.

He had to learn how to communicate on this much different energetical level.

But he also brought it forward into this lifetime and that's how his energy is he used to communicating now. Instead of relying on his five senses, he was relying on this different way of communicating.

Up to this point it's been fine. But for some reason, I don't know if it's different teachers or the grade he's in this year or whatever it is, it is actually causing issues this year for him.

So, I went into his energy and I helped to add a filter into his energy so that the energy that's being communicated through the normal five senses ways comes in and gets filtered and translated into the way he communicates. And then vice versa - so that his communication can be much more ease. And he can grasp the concepts a lot easier.

The other thing I did was I also worked on showing his energy how to use those five senses again. That they were there and they were available to be used for him to communicate with. I encouraged his energy to start practicing and playing with the five senses again so that he can integrate that part of communication with this other way he communicates. That way, he can open up his communication levels to much broader and wider expanse.

Anyways, I thought I would share that with you because I thought was a really different and interesting session.

If you feel like you're experiencing something similar and you would like some help with that, please feel free to reach out.

I hope you have an amazing day! We'll talk soon!

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