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Breathe. Just Breathe.

"You should sit in Meditation for 20 minutes a day. Unless you are too busy. Then you should sit for an hour."

                                                 - Old Zen Saying

If you read books about meditation, each one would talk about different things...hand positions, sitting positions, time to meditate, and on and on.

While all of these things are awesome (and you get to choose what works best for you!) - they all will go back to one thing:  Your Breath.

If your mind gets rolling, go back to your breath.  Pay attention to your breath.  Listen to your breath.

Why?  Because breathing is the basic of life. 

But breathing doesn't just bring oxygen into our bodies, it feeds our soul.

It brings in light and love for our soul, our energy to refresh itself.

Stress diminishes the light in our soul.  Breath restores it.

So breathe. Breathe DEEP. Throughout the day.

Even if you have 3 minutes at your work.  Stop.  Relax.  And Breathe.

Feed.  Your.  Soul.

The more you do, the more light you have.   The more light you have, the more you can share with others.

This is really important to remember as we approach the Holidays:

When you get busy. Breathe. When people are irritating you. Breathe. When your stress gets high. Breathe. When you feel depressed or let down. Yep. Breathe some more.

Breathe.  Just Breathe.

- Sarah

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