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Sarah Emond

Consciousness Healer, Teacher and Creator
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  • Fixing your individual issue or need.

  • Clearing out your energetic cobwebs with an energy shower. 

  • Helping you unlock your inner truth and knowledge for spiritual growth

  • Looking within to find the cause and the tool or technique that works for you.

  • Empowering you to be the You that You Are.

She is an Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Mentor

Sarah sees energy lines, patterns, codes and auras.  She works with energy to remove blockages, change structures, eliminate negative influences, and heal your energy.  The sessions she provides are different. They are powerful. They are unique.  What Sarah Emond provides can’t be put in a box or labeled according to today’s language. 


Sarah is dedicated to providing healing (physical, emotional, or emotional) and helping you realize the Divine within yourself.  Live the life you deserve!

Discover all you can Become and Create a life of Magic!

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Sarah Emond
Consciousnesses Healer, Teacher & Creator

Creating A Life Of Magic.

The Life You Deserve!

I am a Consciousness Healer, Teacher and a Collective Creator.


My journey began with frustration.  I was frustrated with rules and limits.  I was frustrated with the norm. I was bored and didn’t feel like I fit in anywhere.  I delved into different spiritual teachers, modalities, and processes…trying to find the “thing” that inspired me.  The thing that would bring me passion.  


The more I learned, the more frustrated I got at all the limitations.  I kept asking “Why? Why does it have to be done that way?” I would “see” other avenues or ways to work beyond the protocol and was told “Nope, that isn’t allowed.”  Or that wasn’t the “truth.” Or some other excuse of staying within the rules.


I finally realized that I was unique.  That I needed to stop trying to live someone else’s journey and discover Who I Am.  I went inside. I learned about my true self. I discovered me.


I discovered….

I am a galactic being whose purpose is to aid in the shifting of consciousness.  My passion is to help all beings realize the true magnificence of Who They are and to Guide them on their consciousness adventure. 


I use my soul power to teach you to break free from limitations and to activate energy codes so you can heal yourself. I want you to reach a place of clarity and understanding so you can create the life of magic and wonder that you desire.  The life you deserve.


"My first session with her was really quite incredible. With few words spoken, she was able to see and untangle some of the source of my struggle which had been tied to many lifetimes."


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