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Classes and Mentoring

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"Whether you are at the beginning of your path in Intuition and Energy work, or working toward mastering your gifts,  Sarah Emond's Energy Healing and Intuition Mentoring Class works perfectly wherever you are in your journey."

Small Group Mentoring Classes

Are You Interested in Learning:


What intuition and energy work is?

How to Develop Your Intuition?

How to Empower yourself?

Practical Energy Tools and Techniques

Join our Small Group Mentoring Classes to learn, practice, and

improve your intuition, and maintain your energy day by day.

Classes open up periodically throughout the year, register below to get in the next group!

See below for details!

What is involved in the Class?

Each class is scheduled at a time that is most convenient for all.  Classes are normally 1.5 hours long - evenings and weekends are available.

The content for the class is Spirit-led, based upon the need and desires of the group.

Classes will provide tools and techniques for you not to just KNOW...but how to DO, PRACTICE, and GROW in your everyday life.

PLUS you get exclusive access to a Facebook Group that Sarah leads to ask questions, share your successes and be a part of a larger group of individuals learning and growing like you.

Class Topics may include:

  • Centering

  • Grounding

  • Polarity

  • Clearing and Protection

  • Connecting

  • The Spirit World and Communications with it

  • Conscious Creating and Manifesting

  • Creating your Own Story

  • Releasing Old Beliefs

  • Dowsing

  • Reiki

  • Meditation

  • Soul Contracts

  • And more...

The sky is the limit!   

These classes will EMPOWER you to take control of your life, GROW in your own intuition and gifts, and TEACH you to look within and remember Who You Are.


Sound interesting?  It is!


Sarah makes each topic fun and enjoyable - relating her own personal experiences and providing practical tools and techniques for each topic and class. 


Not just knowledge....EXPERIENCE.

Class Details

4-6 people per group

4 classes held within a 3 month time frame

Each class will be 1.5 hours

Stay with, Learn with, Grow with this group the entire time - creating a support system and bond

$75.00 + tax per class ($300 + tax for all 4 classes)

Participants must commit to all 4 classes

More class options at end of 4 classes

Class time flexibility


PLUS you get exclusive access to a Facebook Group that Sarah leads to ask questions, share your successes, and be a part of a larger group of individuals learning and growing like you.

Payment information:  First class will be paid for when you are assigned a class.  A credit card will be kept on file.  The 3 remaining classes will be charged at the time of the class.

No refunds:  If you decide these classes aren't for you, you have a schedule conflict or you simply forget, you will be charged for all 4 classes.

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