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Energy Products


Energy infused sprays and programs intended for continued healing, clearing, well being, clarity and more.


  • All products are infused with propriety energy codes.  The physical pieces of each product (sand, water, essential oils) hold and transport the codes and make them easy for you to use.

  • All products are non-personalized.  Your energy system will use the codes it needs. For example, the energy clearing spray has over 100 codes related to clearing energy.  You may not need all 100, your energy field will absorb the codes it needs to clear.

  • Pete’s Programs are designed specifically for the use described.


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Essence Healing Spray

A session in a bottle.  One spray is like having a 25 minute energy session.

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Energy Clearing Spray

Clear yourself, space or animals from negative energies with this quick spray!

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Pete's Radionics Programs

 Pete Radatti’s Public Radionic Programs Library designed for use by radionic practitioners.  

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