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Energy Clearing Spray

Energy Clearing Spray contains 99 clearing codes embedded in an essential oil blend to hold the charge.  These codes work in energy fields to clear them of negative emotions, interference energy, attachments, trauma, and a host of other unwanted energies.


A quick spray when you feel drained, tired or overly emotional, after a trip to the store that makes you feel “icky”, or whenever you feel the need to freshen up.


Non-personalized so you can use it on yourself, your friends and relatives, your animals, your home, at the office, and more!

Directions: For personal energy clearing, lightly spray on chest, back of neck and top of head.  For room clearing, spray in each corner of the room.  Not intended for ingestion.

Specifically Created by Sarah Emond, Consciousness Creator and Healer

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Energy Clearing Spray

1oz. bottle

Contains 200+ sprays

Ingredients: Distilled water, Essential oil blend of Frankincense, Lemongrass and Sage. Subtle Energy Enhanced.



Continental US $10 shipping


$40 shipping

*Customs fees may apply, Essence Healing not responsible for fees or customs issues.

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