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Energy Healing & Spiritual Mentoring

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Sarah Emond
Intuitive Healer & 
Spiritual Mentor

Essence Healing has had a profoundly positive and lasting impact on me and my family.  Sarah is gentle, compassionate and sincerely gifted in healing others. Her sessions, either remotely or in person, are powerful. I have the greatest respect and trust in Essence Healing and would recommend her services to anyone without reservation. 

- Russ

Why Work with Sarah Emond?

There is no box.
What Sarah Emond provides can’t be put in a box or
labeled according to today’s language....


She is an Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Mentor.

The sessions she provides are different. 
They are powerful. 
They are unique.


They are Essence Healing Sessions.

Each session is what the client needs – based on the information received from their energy system.  It’s more than spreading energy around.  It’s a mix of energy healing, mentoring sessions, accountability, and perhaps a spirit led message or two.

Sarah sees energy lines, patterns, and auras.  She can work with energy to remove blockages, change structures, eliminate negative influences, and heal the energy.

At the end of the day, Sarah is dedicated to helping people realize the Divine within themselves – and discover all that they can become

If you are Here at this Site, There is a REASON

You are looking for that key to YOU.

You know there is more to what is plaguing you than you’ve been told.


That there is an unseen inner cause that you just can’t pinpoint.

This is what Energy Healing is About.

It’s helping you unlock your inner truth and knowledge. 

To clear out your energetic cobwebs and help you heal yourself. 

Instead of looking without, Essence Healing Sessions focus on looking within - finding the cause and the tool or technique that works for you.


Then, empowering you to continue day by day being the You that You Are.

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