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Tammy's Full Testimony

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Consciousness Sessions

Tammy heard about Sarah and her Consciouness Sessions through a friend.

Read her account of what she experienced during her sessions.

To learn more about Consciousness Sessions, click here.


Imagine feeling like you are wading through mud that comes up to your knees, every day.  Now let me share that the feeling was on the inside. 

While looking for a natural way to reset my internal energy with a holistic approach I was introduced to Sarah.  This recommendation came via a friend who had been using Sarah’s intuitive gift for spiritual healing for years.

I went to my first session with an open mind and yet unsure of what, if any, results would transpire or to what extent.  I can share with you unequivocally that Sarah has a gift and if you are blessed enough to have her in your journey of life, you have indeed found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 

After retiring from the military and becoming a caregiver for an ageing parent, I realized I was suffering from burnout from giving it my all to my career and then transferring that to the role of caregiver.  Both were equally rewarding, however, Sarah pointed out to me after one session that you cannot offer someone a drink of water if your well is empty.  My energy level was seriously depleted.  After only my first session I felt so much lighter and more energetic than I had felt in a very long time. 

Sarah will share with you what is discovered in your personal session.  She is able to tap into your energy and help you overcome many of the emotional and spiritual stumbling blocks that you place in your own path due to your personal fears you may not have acknowledged on either an unconscious or conscious level.  However, like any journey in life, you have free will to acknowledge and make a change or not.  Sometimes those changes are indeed going to take some work and admitting to yourself your human quirks and flaws.

I was guilty of not journaling and really seeking my full potential.  This is because I have a tendency of taking care of others so as to ignore what I should be doing for myself.  I went for about a year without a session from Sarah and was back in South Dakota and arranged for a session.  Again, the renewed feeling of lightening my emotional and physical load was tremendous.  I have been using her services by phone sessions since.  The progress I have made is a relief to my inner self.

I would highly encourage you to engage Sarah for the service of her holistic healing gift.  There are many people that are engaging in the Reiki Healing, however, Sarah has a gift that goes further than any others I have met.


Best wishes for your journey on the road to opening your awareness and spiritual healing.


~Tammy W., Gooding, ID

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