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Pete's Programs Descriptions

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Pennsylvania Pete’s Radionic Programs Library


Developed by radionic practitioner Peter Radatti for use by other radionic practitioners.

Pete's book(s):  “A Fun Course in Beginning Radionics” by Peter V. Radatti available from

“How to Build an Electronic Witness Well for Radionics” by Peter V. Radatti available from

2016 Release
2016 Public Release

(Please note that the number to the left of the program name is the program number for that specific program. There are numbers "missing".  These are programs that have not been made available to the public at this time)


1. ROSP Version 1.00

(Radionics Operating System Program) Used to enhance abilities, the workstation and protect work from interference.  Can also be broadcast to a witness.


2. Unlock-1 GEM

Used to unlock or clear gems/crystals/jewelry/hard candies/most solids. If a gem is locked and you want to add programs to it, run once.  It will unlock without erasure.  To clear/erase everything, run the program twice in a row.


3. Lock-1 GEM

Use to lock programs in gems/crystal/jewelry/hard candies/most solids.  This locks the gem so that no other programs or energy can modify the item.  Lock-1 does not have passwords and there are no restrictions on copying or usage.


6. Lock-1 WATER

Use to lock programs in water so that no other programs or energy can get into it.  Lock-1 does not have passwords and there are no restrictions on copying or usage.


7. St. Jude & Buddha Buddies Bracelet Version 4

This program includes spiritual and accelerated healing on many levels.  It is where I start for all healing programs for humans, animals and plants.  It is very powerful, and has had a lot of success.  It even helps with minor problems like insect stings, minor bruises and small burns but is beneficial for serious and persistent problems.  It is compatible with all other healing programs.  This is actually several different programs working together starting with the Saint Jude program.


8. Financial Fulfillment

Copy program into silica or quartz sand and spread around the property or area where you wish to have more financial fulfillment.  You can also broadcast it 24/7, potentize it into water/oil or incorporate it into jewelry.

9. Take Control of My Life

Take control of your life with this program.  Changes will occur so make sure you are ready.  This program has been emotionally painful for those that really need it but very successful.  Part of how it works is by forcing you to see what is wrong in your life and presents you with solutions.  Change is always painful but necessary for growth. 


10. Bully Be Gone

Remove bullies from your life with this program.  How they go away will be up to them, but they will stop bullying you.  This program is actually beneficial to the bully as it helps them to become less of a bully and more of a normal human.


11. Repay IOU

Use this program to get payments for past due bills.  You can simply place the sand/gem program on the invoice or bill that is overdue and set it in the corner until it has been paid.  Sometimes this takes months to work.  Someone who does not have the ability to pay will want to but cannot do what they cannot do.  You can speed this up by broadcasting it.


12. The Phoenix Version 2

The Phoenix is another spiritual healing program that is compatible with St. Jude & Buddha Buddies Bracelet Version 4.  Use this program when there is elderly involved or long term illness or the problem is critical.  It is appropriate to use for dire need.  The name of Phoenix is appropriate.  If you find the need to use this program consider also using 13 & 23.


13. Psychic Attack with Sacred Geometry

This is the standard psychic attack programs to ward off / balance psychic attacks combined with sacred geometry which makes the target less vulnerable to psychic attacks in the future by correcting spiritual entry points that are damaged.


15. A123-C (all organs)

Spiritually re-balance all the major organs.


16. Brain Fog

Resolves problems with long term brain fog.  Users have reported success.


17. Lyme

Spiritual healing directed at Lyme Disease.  Very powerful.  Completely compatible with all medical procedures for Lyme's.   Suggest the use of CJ's “skin” prayer stones after this program.  See Pete's book for details on where to obtain CJ's programs.


21. Love & Lust

This program will reignite the love between two people or it will make that lack of love apparent.  Useful for couples who are having relationship problems.


22. Saint Jude

Saint Jude is the base for all spiritual healing used by Pete.  It is powerful and can be broadcast or potentized.  It is also the base program for #7 (Saint Jude and Buddha Buddy Bracelet).


23. SIR – Soul Integration Repair

The Sir (Soul Integration Repair) program does exactly what it says. It does not repair the soul. I don't believe you can damage the actual soul. It does not repair the physical body. It repairs the integration of the soul into the body. There are vast spiritual benefits from this better communication which include benefits to the physical body and elimination of entities.

2017 Release
2018 Release
2017 Public Release

24. Vampire Repellent

Vampire repellent is the program defined in Pete's book (Pages 122-126).  It assists in repelling  energy vampires and energy drainers.  Does not work against Apex Vampires.

25. Hell Burner #1

This program is for repelling Apex Vampires and energy drainers.  (Pete's book Page 126) Put this program into a pocket Radionics Power Pod (RPP) and carry.  Next time you attend a public event (especially psychic fairs which attract energy drainers) and you are carrying the program in a RPP watch the large number of people who suddenly leave.

29. Enhance PSI Ability

Enhance your psychic abilities.  No warranty and be sure you want it.  It does not always work but it is always reverses the “Disable PSI Ability”.

30. Disable PSI Ability

When many naturally strong psychics enter their 20's they sometimes have difficulty dealing with their abilities.  This can be severe and upsetting.  This may also include difficulty sleeping, a general believe they are losing their mind due to “seeing” things or “knowing” things or the “impossible” abilities to move things, etc.  This program is for them.  It gives them a break.  Potentize it into jewelry or broadcast it.  It will eventually “wear-off” or you can reverse it with “Enhance PSI Ability”.

35. Super Bracelet (1,7,8,12,13,14,15,16,23,24,25)

As of the year 2017 this is what I potentize into all jewelry.  Note, program 14 is not part of the library.  This is deliberate but may change in the future.  Program 14 is included in program #35.

36. EWell Transmittal Program #1 (1,7,8,12,13,14,23,25)

As of the year 2017 this is the program that I transmit when using the EWell.  You can transmit this without an EWell.  Note:  Not all programs are suitable for transmittal 24-hours/day.  This program has been fully tested and is good.

38. Increase Energy, Energy Reserves, Stamina (Version 1.0)

Increases energy, energy reserves and stamina.  Should result in a general feeling of well being. 

2018 Public Release

39.  Cloaking Program Version 1.0
The cloaking program is new and while it has had some success it has not yet had the full test of time. Monitor carefully. The radionics cloaking program attempts to make you invisible to psychic/magic/spiritual/radionic attacks. Unfortunately, it also makes you invisible to beneficial attempts. It does not make you immune to attacks which involve direct touch. For that, look at bubbles of protection. If you want to send radionics programs at the same time as the cloaking program, then put the cloaking program in the input well along with the witness and any other programs or setting you want to transmit. They will be sent together. Therefore, the machine that transmits the cloaking program can in fact see you. That machine should be physically secured from mischief. To discontinue the cloaking program just remove it from the well.

Not tested but should work, is to potentize the cloaking program into jewelry. As long as you are wearing the jewelry “they” should not be able to target you. To discontinue the cloaking program just remove the jewelry.

As an aside, the word cloaking means to hide or cover so as to not be seen. Warning if you attempt to attack a senior radionics master while cloaking yourself I suggest you think two or three times first.

46.  Lazarus Program Version 2
The Lazarus program does not raise the dead, but it takes people on death’s door and gives them more time. The primary reason for this is to give the Doctors more time to do what is needed to return to health. Can add years but each case is different. Requires 24/7 broadcast.

48.  Herbal Turpentine from American Georgian Trees
No explanation is offered for this program. Either you know, or you don’t.

72.  Exorcism Version 2
This program was developed as a joint effort between Rae Bright Star Thomas and Pete Radatti. This version will attempt to get rid of demons and evil spirits up to a middle weight fighter. Later versions will take on heavier fighters. There are still problems with people who actively defend the demon who is infesting them.

2019 Public Release

60. Saint Jude and The Essence of Life Bracelet

This is my most powerful bracelet yet.  It replaces all prior bracelets which are kept here for use as subroutines in other programs.   Includes everything in #7 and #35.  Can be added to your own programs.

61.  1-K Clear Kerosene

No explanation is offered for this program.  Either you know or you don’t.

62. Fenbendazole (animal dewormer)

No explanation is offered for this program.  Either you know or you don’t.  It can also be used as an animal dewormer.

63. Win Legal

This program will help you to win a legal case in court.  If you are involved in a jury case then it is suggested you watch the movie “12 Angry Men” every night of the hearing.   How this program does it work may be different than you expect.  For example, there may be many postponements of the hearing leading to dismissal.  It might be an outright win or key people may not show up.  If you have done something evil this program will not work for you.  It is intended for innocent people who are caught in the legal grinder.

19. New Kidney, Bladder & Stone Cleaner

This program will help people who are having kidney and/or bladder problems, uric acid buildup, oxalate buildup, gout and arthritic joint pain.  It should also help liver and gall bladder function.  

2019 Release
2020 Public Release

66. Sacrum Coccyx Spiritual Support
All rates for this program are contained in the book, “Level-2 Radionics”.  This program provides spiritual support for the Coccyxal bones and joints, ligaments, nerves and muscles of the pelvic floor.  This is important in the case of sciatica which is not only extremely painful but can lead to complications such as loss of leg strength, obesity, loss of pelvic floor muscle strength, loss of bowel control, depression and mental health issues.  Please read the chapter in the book before using. Contains 31 rates.

 67. UTRAN IF Statement
All rates for this program are contained in the book, “Level-2 Radionics”.  This program allows you to do “computer programming” using analog rates on Radionics machines.  The IF statement is the most powerful in that it allows you to determine if a rate is needed or not.  For example, if you want to write a small program that checked different parts of the eye for needing balance you could do the following:

Here are some example rates for parts of the eye.  These are real rates but only a few of many.

Eyes, Eyeball, orbital cavity 35.75-45.75
Eye Lens, capsule 57.25-56.50
Eye vitreous body, hyaloid membrane 34-32.2

IF(35.75-45.75) 35.75-45.75
IF(57.25-56.50) 57.25-56.50
IF(34-32.2) 34-32.2

What this does if the rate is unbalanced it runs the rate.  To do this you would potentize the IF statement program into a crystal/sand followed by the rate(s) you want checked. You do not have to potentize the rates twice but you can.  Finally, if you want to setup a very complex program you can do something like potentize the IF statement followed by a complex stored radionics program like Saint Jude.  If Saint Jude is needed it will run and if not needed it will not run.  You can put as many of these statements together as you need.

 68. UTRAN LOOP Statement
All rates for this program are contained in the book, “Level-2 Radionics”.  This program allows you to do “computer programming” using analog rates on Radionics machines. The loop statement allows you to write a program that will repeat until a determined need is met.  The Loop statement is used with the Endloop statement (27-41).  Loop contains 2 rate of 10 banks.  The Kiss of God rate is 35.5-21.4, you are asking God to bestow a blessing. Here is an example using Loop, Endloop and Kiss of God.  This may not be the best example because you can never have too many blessings but there is a time when there is enough.  In addition, like all stored radionics programs it is executed in parallel so statements below the loop do not wait for processing but process at the same time, immediately.

Loop(KissofGod)                                              Start a Loop.  As long as KissofGod is < GV

Call KissofGod                                                 Execute the line function Kiss of God


In this example the loop will run until KissofGod is no longer needed.  It just repeats over and over until not needed.  I know this is complex but it works.  Use in the same way as the IF statement except end the loop with the Endloop rate.  (Endloop rate is 27-41)

 69. IF Wormwood
This program combines the UTRAN IF program with the anti-parasitic herbal Wormwood with Quassia and Male Fern.  This would be written as IF(wormwood) wormwood.  It is made by potentizing the IF program into a tube of sand, then the herbal.  This completes the question IF(wormwood).  If it is true that wormwood is needed then we want to process the answer.  In this case the answer is the same as the question, wormwood compound.  I remove the wormwood from the witness well, return it to the witness well then potentize it into the tube of sand for the required amount of time followed by locking the sand.  This is important if you want to leave the IF Wormwood program tube in the input well all the time.  Wormwood if used in excess can harm you.  In this case, the Wormwood compound is only activated if required.  So, if the question that wormwood is needed is Yes, then the wormwood is broadcast, if not needed it is not broadcast.   This is a much more powerful program than just the herbal wormwood compound without the IF.

 70. Inside eWell Version 2.0
This replaces the program inside of the eWell with an updated version with even stronger separating and protection against spiritual attacks against the system.

NOTICE: These programs are spiritual in nature and made available on an “as-is, where-is” basis with no claim or warranty of any type.  In addition, you are not paying for these programs. They have been made available free.  You are paying for the materials and labor to assemble the kits.  Essence Healing makes no claims or warranties about these programs.  You are entirely responsible for your use.

2020 Release
2021 Public Release

64. Reverse Radiation Effects

Negates the harmful effects of all forms of radiation from Gama, X-Ray, WIFI, Cellphone, etc.  If you place a potentized holographic sticker on a cell phone containing this program you may need to reset the cell phone before the cell phone will work again.


73. Rescue

Use #93 for 20 minutes first.  When emergency and you have no idea what to do try this.  Contains #68 Loop, #65 Saint Jude V2, #71 Kill Evil Nanobots, #23 SIR, #25 Hell Burner, #46 Lazarus, #12 The Phoenix.  Can be used 24/7 and can be combined with other programs.

79. Coma Rescue

Use #93 first for 20 minutes.  Broadcast 24/7.  Can also be used for any brain issues.


81. Covid-19 and Vax Side Effects

Use #93 for 20 minutes first.  Contains: #71 Kill Evil Nanobots, #65 Saint Jude & EOL, #18 Morgellons, #16 Brain Fog, Reverse Vax Effects, Correct damage to DNA, RNA, Destroy Spike Protein, Destroy Graphene Oxide, Future Versions of Covid-19, Blessings.  Broadcast overnight.  Can also be used protectively in advance of need.


82. Parasitic Worms

No chemicals, oils or herbs.  All rates.  If target does not have the worm, then the rate does nothing.  All of these worms are known to attack humans, pets and livestock.


90. Ex-Stop

When a couple breaks up sometimes one person becomes nasty and attempts to make the other person’s life miserable.  The program attempts to make the aggressor stop being horrible. 


93. Clear All Stray and Negative Energies

Should not be used 24/7 or combined with other programs.  When someone has been in a bad environment such as war, hospital, nursing homes, etc.  this program becomes extremely useful.  Try with people who have depression.  Sometimes works.


95. Protect Land, Home and Contents.

Use #93 first.  Dowse for time.  After using #95 use #3 Lock Solid and #6 Lock Water.  Attempts to protect your property from random damage from humans and others.


98. Increase Oxygen Absorption

Attempts to increase oxygen absorption without increased respiration. 

2021 Public Release
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