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Tammy's Full Testimony

Paranormal Space Clear

Tammy asked Sarah to clear her property.

Read the account below as she talks about what they experienced and how much better their property feels after the space clearing.


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I asked Sarah to do a clearing on the family farm.  This was due in part because my dad said he believed there to be a ghost in the house as he experienced being touched at times when no one person or animal was around as was I.

While clearing the house and land she discovered three ghosts.  All of them went to the light and offered no resistance.  I was outside when she performed this clearing and upon entering the house there was a lighter feeling overall and the animals even appeared calmer.

While dad and I traveled on his final journey in this life, my Grandmother appeared to me twice which gave me the awareness this might not end with us on earth together.  The point of this is, she was one of the ghosts that Sarah cleared the first time.  I wonder if Sarah had not helped her to the light if she would have been able to come back and give me the awareness I received or on his last night been able to be there to help soften his transition to the other side.

After the passing of my dad I asked Sarah to do a second clearing as I felt many touches and was not sure what was going on.    I was afraid that while I was grieving for his passing I was somehow blocking him from moving on.  When she texted me and told me there were ten of my family members hanging out.  This was due to me not claiming the house.

I am grateful that Sarah has this gift as it has truly helped me through the part of my journey which helped me fight for him while in the hospital and then when to accept his moving on and being there to help make his transition to the other side as peaceful as possible.

If you are experiencing some experiences with no earthly explanation or if some uncomfortable feeling will not go away I would highly encourage you to seek out this service offered by Sarah.  You will be amazed at the difference in the house and on the property.


Best wishes and blessings for a peaceful house.


~Tammy W., Gooding, ID

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