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LeAnn's Full Testimony

Consciousness Sessions


LeAnn came to Sarah and asked for help with one area of her life: money.

During the 3 Consciousness sessions they did, LeAnn was surprised to see things show up, discounts freely offered, and more.  Plus her whole attitude towards money changed.  

Read her account below. 

For more information about Consciousness Sessions, click here.

A painting by John Pitre entitled “Restrictions” basically described me when I first walked into Sarah’s office August 21, 2018. 

On that day my life began to turn around.  I felt like the cords binding me to the way I’d become addicted to were unraveling and I began to have freedom from the quagmire of overpowering fears, hopelessness, grief, shame, resentments and paranoia I’d been living with for years!

These self-defeating, self-sabotaging habits had left me without energy, courage or hope and I’d become (almost) addicted to a life style of deprivation; joy was a thing of the past.  The only way to get some freedom from this way of being was to immerse myself in novels about love, family, cosmic sex, fulfillment and fun; or movies (sometimes 5 or 6 in a day) rom-com was my favorite genre; or food preferably sugar/chocolate laden goodies that were from the health food store!!!

Even though I had some pretty good recovery in a 12 step program (16 years), I could not break free of the way of life I’d learned to adjust to.

I had given up.  I could not or would not try to think about what I wanted to be, do or have.  I just knew I could not tolerate going on the way I was. I felt stuck financially and asked Sarah to help me get past this block.

In our first session, as we began unraveling the binding cords, a vision of a handsome man and an almost invisible woman were battling with each other or an even less visible entity.  Half way thru the session they quit and began watching what was going on with Sarah. Apparently, the female was convinced money was evil and a tool of the darkness and she was not safe if she had money and she rarely had any because she was not worthy… the male had the opposite belief.  He felt money was good to have, that is could be and was a tool used for good and could bring happiness and well- being.  He was comfortable with money…she was afraid of money.

The days following the session, I had more energy and much less tension. And, in my dreams, I was aware of the male having to use some creative communication skills to win the female over to his point of view. They were struggling to be a team …a partnership of co-operation with emphasis on restoring the female’s beliefs about money and her value as a woman! 

After lifetimes of being taught in The Church of the worthlessness and depravity of women, she had been left with deep negative brain cell impressions that resulted in a money rejection pattern in her/my subconscious as well as other self-destructive beliefs and habits.

I also felt more at peace with my quest to find a place for me and my horse, Mandie, that was safe, healing, easily affordable and attractive AND was waiting for us to get there!!! I’d been helping Mandie recover from skin cancer around her eye and had moved her to a place I thought would be helpful and turned out to be “a major challenge”!

The next 2 sessions with Sarah did not have visions in them, just deep healing relaxation, especially in the third session. This is important to me because my body was in a constant state of stress, my muscles were so tight with fear and anger at the owner of the place Mandie was staying.  After a summer of the verbal, mental, emotional abuse of this guy, in addition to all the rejections of the places I searched for a home for us, I finally tapped into the deep well of grief stored inside of me when the guy threatened to evict her or raise the rent yet again!  All the broken promises, the depth of his rage and hate, all triggered the buried memories of my past/pasts, and broke the wall of protection from all the stored pain and grief and shame.  I believe the work Sarah did in disentangling me from the restrictive energies in me was the key that enabled me to take a stand for me and Mandie.

Also instrumental in breaking free was the forgiveness technique I used to use and had neglected for years, and the book by David Hawkins “ Letting Go”  the art of Surrender (or something like that). As I use these two techniques to reinforce the work Sarah has done, I am experiencing more serenity and calm and a closer, funner relationship with my friend/therapist Mandie as we work through our fears.  I am so grateful for having discovered Sarah and her gifts…a serendipitous result of helping my horse heal with natural modalities and looking for a place for us.

Things didn’t just change mentally and emotionally though. During this 2 weeks of sessions with Sarah, things began to open up for me financially as well.

  • I found a $100 dollar bill in my money box that was not there before.

  • I followed a "hunch" and got a new-to-me pair of high dollar boots for $20.

  • The car I drive REALLY needed new tires and instead of paying $100 + each, Black Hills Auto in Belle Fourche sold me 4 new tires for $50 each!!!

  • New clients for pet/house sitting began to call.

And after my sessions, I continued to follow Guidance or "hunches" and found things I need for great savings.

  • I have moved my horse Mandie to a safe place she likes – at no cost!

  • I got a $200 car repair completed for less than $70.

  • A concert that cost $50 to see was gifted to me.

Now, after Sarah did three sessions with me, I am feeling more free of the binding, constrictive energies that had me contorted, twisted, constrained and in a give-up state of mind. I am feeling more energy, hope and willingness to breakthrough old familial, ancestral beliefs, habits and addictions!   I like to think I have discovered a gold mine where Sarah is concerned. 


And!  I am very grateful to her for helping me begin getting free of the restrictions I’ve been experiencing in my life.  Mandie says, “Things are looking up for us now!”  And I agree.  She does not have wings like the horse in the painting, but, at least our hearts and minds can take flight with their new found… wings.

~LeAnn W., Spearfish, SD

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