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Consciousness Adventure

Eclipse on the Sand

Myrtle Beach, SC
January 10-11,  2020


Penumbral energy is a space of partial illumination between the perfect shadow on all sides and the full light.


Penumbral light is toxic shadow energies brought in to create chaos within humanity’s consciousness.


Penumbral energy brings up shadow emotions, thoughts and beliefs. We can either align with these shadows or we can find the light within.


Our mission and purpose of this Adventure was to burn up the shadow energy in order to secure the light.

We experienced the everything and the nothing with this energy. Our adventure created a balance within, in order to create wholeness with the divinity.


We explored the Penumbral energy and how to disburse it so

we are not affected by its toxicity.

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Sarah Emond, Renee Keene and  Angela Blaha

Together we create the multi-dimensional collective.

We have consciousness conversations, we create and uncreate, we work from the collective consciousness.


Come be a part of the collective, watch what we do, learn what we do and be empowered to be a part of the experience.

We do weird and woo, amazing things when we get together.
Come along for the ride.


Due to Covid-19, we don't currently have any adventures planned.  We are anxious to resume our adventures and are hoping to bring them to you soon!

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