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What is your Vision of You?

As 2018 begins, we are seeing a lot of transformation energy sweep through. 

For some, this is bringing challenges.  For others, those that know Who They Are and are staying in the vision of themselves, they are flowing easily with the changes.

That begs the question, How?

How do I know Who I Am and what my vision of myself is?

Instead of focusing on those normal ‘doing’ New Year’s Resolutions – losing weight, eating better, getting more exercise, taking a vacation, paying off bills, acquiring a new job, buying a house, etc, how about we focus on YOU and what your vision of You is.

Have you asked yourself Who You Desire to Be in 2018? 

Not the physical aspects but the expression of your soul.  Who you desire to Be not what you do. To me, it is just as important to examine and set goals for the expression of my emotional, mental and spiritual self as it is to examine and set goals for my physical existence.

You might be saying, “Ok Sarah. I get you.  But I have no idea how to do that.” 

Never fear!  I’m not gonna leave you hanging.  You have to do the work, but I can tell you how. 😊

To find out your vision of you, start by asking yourself:

Who Am I today?How have I changed since yesterday/last month/last year?What do I like or dislike about Who I Am today?Then, move onward and ask yourself Who Do I Desire to Be? You can use the following questions to help you create the full picture of your Vision of You.

You can use the following questions to help you create the full picture of your Vision of You.

How do I desire to feel?      Happy? Content? Peaceful? Joyous?

How/what do I desire to think?       Neutral? Positive? Always seeing the good in the person/situation?

How do I want to act and react?       With love? Speaking my mind? From my intuition? From my point of power?

How do I desire to grow spiritually?       How will that express itself through me? Will my light shine brighter? Will I be more loving? Feel more connected?

What beliefs about yourself are no longer serving me?       What do I desire to change about my beliefs? Am I taking care of me first? Do I believe that I can be healthy? Do I believe I am worthy? Do I fully love myself?

What is limiting me from embracing the Power that is within?        Am I giving my power to others? Do I put others desires and feeling above my own? Am I letting others make my decisions for me? Do I stand up for myself?

Once you’ve figured out what your Vision of You is, write it out.  Maybe hang it up where you will see it daily or read through it before you begin your spiritual practice.  Be mindful every moment of every day of Who You Are Being. 

Only YOU can embrace the transformation to become Who You Desire to Be.

And lastly, but most importantly, LOVE Who You Are Every Moment of Everyday

We are always growing and changing.  It’s about the journey, not the goal.  There is nothing in YOU that needs to be fixed, only new ways of being to experience. 

You are magnificence personified.

- Sarah

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