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Trust. Your. Self.

Do you Trust Yourself?

Really stop and think about it. 

When you have those inner knowings, those gut feelings, the intuition hit, or whatever you choose to call it; do you trust it? Do you follow it?

Was your answer no?  Why don’t you?

Did you answer with something like:

“It doesn’t make sense.”“It isn’t logical.”“It’s weird.”“People will think I’m crazy.”

Or maybe your reasoning is something different. 

Aren’t those all just explanations that you don’t trust your connection to source? That you believe what you SEE is more real than your CONNECTION is?

Let’s test that theory.  Look down at your hands.  What to do see?  I’m guessing you said skin, nails, knuckles, veins.  But what you didn’t see (or at least I hope you didn’t see) was blood, bones, muscles, fascia, atoms, molecules, etc.  We know that if we cut open your hand and look inside, you will see more.  But you still won’t see it all with the naked eye.

Your eyes, your 5 senses...they don’t take in all that truly exists. 

You can’t see atoms with the "naked" human eye.  We don’t hear all the sounds that exist – dogs hear frequencies that we can't pick up. Our senses simply aren’t advanced or complex enough to take in all of the information that is surrounding us and process it.

But our connection, our consciousness is able to perceive All That Is. 

There are studies that have been done that show that our bodies start to react to stimulus before we even perceive it. If someone is shown a scary picture, their heart rate will start to increase before the picture is even put on the screen.  Other vital signs change as well.

Our intuition works that same way.  It is reacting to stimulus that exists but we haven’t perceived yet.  It is giving us “hits” to help us navigate through the energy.

This is an amazing ability that we have!  Why do we ignore it?

I’ve done it.  I’ve had the “hit” to take the next exit, the long way around, instead of the way I normally would.  The first time it happened, I ignored it.  My brain told me it was illogical to go the long way. That I would be wasting time and that it didn’t make sense.  Guess what happened? There was an accident at the top of the exit ramp and I was stuck waiting on the ramp for half an hour.  Not the most pleasant experience, but at least no harm came to me in the process.  Boy, was my brain wrong.

The next time it happened, I got a “hit” to go around the block instead of straight through. My brain once again started talking and telling me that that was stupid, it wasn’t logical.  The people in my car would think I was crazy. But I decided to trust my instincts and go around the block instead of straight through. 

As I passed by the route I should have taken, I heard sirens.  Now I don’t know for sure what happened, but I do know I avoided something.  My eyes hadn’t seen any danger ahead, but my gut was telling me something ahead was not right. And going around the block had no negative consequences, despite what my brain tried to tell me.

So I encourage you to start trusting yourself and follow your inner knowings.

You may not get it 100% right every time, but the more you trust yourself, the deeper your connection and knowing will grow and the more accurate your intuition will be.

Learn to trust YOU.

You are the one that knows what is best for you. 

Start following your inner guidance and see what an amazing life you lead!

Trust. Your. Self.  You are worth it.

- Sarah

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